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This is my art, enjoy, if you would like to use any of my work please, just ask :)


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the stuff I wish I could do/came up with ;) <3



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United States
Martial artist. Biologist. Casual Artist.
Ugh, I'm almost happy that Christmas is over...quite a miserable holiday between family feuds and upsets. But, I am super happy that once again I got to spend the holiday with my favorite boy in the world <3 It was cute...he got me a lovely necklace, some chocolates, a new journal and being his silly self...a coloring book. Gosh he's such a cutie :3 onto New Year's which is right around the corner! 

Anyways, QUIZ TIME!

The Basics

1. Full name: Well I can't do that...but Hailey A. Gentile

2. Age: 19....will be 20 soon!

3. Birth Date: 2/13

4. Birth Place: smalltownsomewhere, NH

5. Gender: Female

6. Occupation: Concessions/bartenderish thing

7. Primary School: Campton Elementary

8. High School: Plymouth Regional

9. College/University: Plymouth 

10. Eye Colour: green/hazel

11. Hair Colour: honey blonde

12. Currently Living: Onthecuspoftheendoftheworld, NH



13. Food: Oh geez...I love food...uhm, definitely sushi

14. Drink: coffee

15. Band/Singer: Breaking Benjamin/ Ben Burnley <3

16. Song: Animal I've Become- 3DG

17. Movie: Aristocats or really crappy martial arts movies

18. TV Show: NCIS

19. Book: Too hard...can't 

20. Colour: pink


Do you prefer...

21. Coke or Pepsi? Coke

22. Anime or Disney? Anime!

23. Guys or Girls? Guys

26. Eating or Drinking? Drinking

27. Novels or Comics? Novels

28. Summer or Winter? Summer

29. Outdoors or Indoors? Outdoors definitely!

30. Camera or Cellphone? Cell

31. PS3 or Xbox 360? xbox

32. TV or Computer? compy :)


Something personal...

33. Why did you choose your username? ohhh, such a long story...

34. Who is your idol? Well thats a broad topic...but probably Ronda Rousey! 

35. Do you have secrets? Oh many

36. Look to your left.  What is the first thing you see? My dresser?

37. Now to your right: THE EMPTY SIDE OF MY BED :'(

38. Something you can't live without: thats hard...probably books


The last...

39. Person you saw: my karate instructor

40. Person you hugged: my boyfriend

41. Movie you watched: My Cousin Vinnie

42. Song you listened to: Born to Die- Lana Del Ray (Ghosts of Paraguay remix)

43. Book you read: World War Z

44. Thing you ate/drank: Peanuts/gingerale

45. Time you cried and why: dad didn't even want to talk to me on christmas...

46. Time you laughed and why: My boyfriend for smiling creepily before he kissed me...

47. Time you went out: Today!


The first...

48. Person you dated: oh gosh...this kid named Hans

49. Person you kissed: ^^^^

50. Crush you had: Okay, girls have lots of crushes...they just don't act on them, and some they never will be able to! (*sigh, movies stars...)

51. Thing you think about when you wake up: "I need food...then I need to workout" 

52. Best friend you ever had: Had? I would hope friends would be more than temporary...but I guess my pet rat :3

53. School you went to: A tiny college in Vermont

54. Big holiday you went on: Last year for Thanksgiving I drove my whole family to RI to see my Grandpa

55. Award you got: 1st place trophy from my tournament in November!


Have you ever...

56. Broken the law: nope

57. Been arrested: nope

58. Had a hangover: nope...but I would imagine it sucks

59. Been in hospital: ugh, yes.

60. Been in a car crash: no, thank goodness

61. Flown on a plane: many times

62. Been on a boat: many many times

63. Travelled overseas: it is in my near future 

64. Had sex: relatively pretty figure that out ;3

65. Gotten pregnant: HELL NO

66. Had an abortion: HELL NO

67. Been to a concert: yusss

68. Pretended to be sick to avoid doing something: #bestwaytoavoidelementaryschool

69. Skipped school/work: no 

70. Broken a bone: 9 of my toes, 6 of my fingers (and two of those fingers i've broken twice) and my nose (not really a bone, but w/e)


Totally random...

71. Where is your dream holiday location? Italy

72. What are you wearing right now? Uhhh sweatpants with college swag and underarmour

73. What is the last thing you bought? coffee creamer

74. When did you join Deviant Art? long time ago

75. WHY did you join? because I like drawing?

76. What type of membership do you have? hell if i know

77. Are you playing The Game? nope

78. Are you a member of any other websites? fb, twitter, and email?

79. Do you enjoy answering pointless questions like these ones? Yes :) its entertaining



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